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With no snow on the roads and the hope of sunshine hanging in the air riders turned out in force at Pirate Ride 4.  Participants from all regions of California made the trek to Hoopa, on this choice Saturday, to participate in the SWD sponsored Slippery Dream DH.  In the week prior, outlooks for the race were sketchy as news spread of race promoter, Justin Graves', broken back.  Down the stretch all were assured the the race was to go off regardless, as final preperations were made.  Come Saturday the crew could not have asked for more.  With rider numbers near an all time high, and spectator strength at unheard of levels, it took less than two hours for the collective ethusiasm to burn through the morning fog and bring sunshine down upon the competition.  Due to a last minute course change, no labor had been put into the trail until race morning.  Riders found it to be quite slippery due to initial layers of leaves and debris.  Due to the pace of those present, it was only a matter of two practice runs before the course was burned in and riders were finding new speeds and the steep and treacherous descent.  The field was perhaps the most competitive Pirate Posse to date.  With many riders pinning their way through the pin ball chutes it was anyones guess as to who would come out on top.  Seeding runs would give some idea of the blazing pace that would be required to win as the first rider down, Jeremy Rollins, posted a quick time of 4:12.  This was soon overtaken by SWD rider Andrew McWesty, who layed down an impressive time of 4:00, despite coming unglued on two occasions.  In the mix was, former Humboldt resident, Rusty Hansen with a 4:11 and SWD rider Hank Matheson with a 4:19.  Judging from the groove that riders had worn into the finish line G-Out and the intensifying sun, one could tell that the course was becoming intirerly railable, and it was clear that riders would need to step up the pace to win.  As round two began those at the finish anxiously awaited the arrival of fastest qualifyer McWesty.  The former white water kayaker had let it flow a bit too much and come off several times falling back to 4:20, leaving the door open.  Reports from on course had reached the bottom, stating that despite his reserved demeanor in the pits, Hansen was setting an amazing pace on course.  This fact was observed, as his slender frame came flying across the line claiming the hot seat with a time of 4:03 that would not be bested.  Matheson was able to stay upright, rolling into second place with a 4:09, followed closely by Rollins who, despite a crash, laid down a 4:11.  Rounding out the top five were Auburn hucker Joe Joerger at 4:13, and flowmaster Matt Snyder at 4:21.  Although he had some problems on course, Jed Olson finished eigth on the day retaining the overall leaders jersey going into Ride 5 with Rollins and Matheson closing in.  A truly impressive performance was put forth by the lone female racer, pro rider Melissa Miller.  Despite having considerably less time on teh course then most put down a ripping 4:36 on her final attempt.  The junior field was ruled by James Cooper with a quick 4:39, followed closely by Robbie Rhall at 4:48.  The following ceremonies were held at the TRP house, where barbecue and beer were enjoyed by all.  Generous prizes, courtesy of SWD, were awarded the top performers in the form of a custom DH frame and custom hardtal frame.  We would like to thank all our supporters and all who were in attendance and hope everyone can make it out for some No Chains madness at the end of Februrary.

Scene Photos By Graves


unbreakable.jpgPhotos By Ray Williams

Current Point Standings

Place Rider Seeding Time Final Time
1 Rusty Hansen 4:11 4:03
2 Hank Matheson 4:19 4:09
3 Jeremy Rollins 4:12 4:11
4 Joe Joerger 4:21 4:13
5 Matt Snyder 4:29 4:21
6 Andrew McWesty 4:00 4:25
7 Matt Cipes 4:47 4:31
8 Jed Olson 4:43 4:35
9 Andy Lane 4:52 4:35
9 Dave Richmond 4:37 4:42
10 Matt Wolpin 5:03 4:47
11 Martin Stebbins 5:01 4:54
12 Joel Graves 6:03 4:55
13 Matt Nascimento 4:58 5:03
14 George Hooper 5:24 5:07
15 Jason Reimann 4:56 5:26
16 Evan Hobart 4:46 5:30
17 Tom Larson 6:54 7:15
1st Woman (10th Overall) Melissa Miller 5:05 4:36
1st Junior James Cooper 5:10 4:39
2nd Jr Robbie Rhall 4:49 4:48
3rd Jr Mark Cooper 6:09 6:35
Eric Worthington 8:26 DNS
Place Rider Seeding Time Final Time