OCT. 15th-16th
Pirate Photo Contest Award Party
Dirt Jump Contest
& Jared Delongs Birthday

The Jam went down in Mobber Fashion, with good representation by the locals as well as some serious shredding was the Ashland crew.  Conditions were near ideal after torrential rains the two days prior.  Surprisingly the downhill eight pack drained like a sieve allowing visiting riders to pre ride saturday as soon as showers had subsided.  By Sunday the sun was out and aside from a slighty slick final run out the jumps could not have been better prepared for the onslaught to come.  Riders were already ripping the pack by noon as spectators and participants began to arrive.  Unfortunately the birthday boy (J-Rad) suffered a bought with food poisining the night before and was to run down to do more then direct the traffic early in the day.  Soon a push up perimeter was marked off, lawn chairs were spread, BBQ were fired up, beers cracked, and the show began.  Riders wasted no time in working through their repitoirs, everything from one footers to 360 attempts.  Yet not until the official half hour jam began at three thirty did participants pull out there big guns.  Local Pirate Jed Olson got a top spot with various no footed cans, no footed tobogans, sick x's, big no footers, and gnarly gank whips.  Ashland was represented well by Jared (last name here?) who threw down some no handers, nothings, and first ever attempt at a bar spin which he landed clean his first try.  Also of Ashland was top finisher Harley Henigson who pulled out some no foot cans, no handers,  a cat walk attempt,  and overall sick style.  The top award and cash went to local shredder  John Bonham.  John was  simply killing it all day, going higher and  sicker then the rest.  His standouts runs were an old school shout out  with Venom,  Tai Kwon Do,  Whipage,  to  nac nac  (calling  each trick out as he went).  Perfection was attained  when he  finished a sick run with  a huge  three  on the  final jump,  perfectly executed  he  was  stoked,  and so were the fans.   Pirate  DH was able to present  top  awards to  photo finalists  Jed Olson  and  Zane  Longden  of Grants  Pass,  throw  some cash  at the  shredders,  and  stoke  out  every  one  in  attendance.   Twas  a  good  day.   Look  for  video  coverage  in the  up coming  Gravity  Pirates  film.