Rider Profile - Gee Atherton


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Name: George Atherton
Nick Name: Gee
Date of Birth: 26/02/85
Height (cm): 185cm
Weight (kg): 75kg
Residence: Oswestry, Shropshire, England.
Why do you ride: It's the only thing I feel like doing everyday.
What/who started you racing: My brother, Dan.
Weakness: Getting bored of doing the same thing for a long time.
Marital status: Single
Most important people in your life and career: Family & close friends
Racing since: 1998
Professional since: 2002
Best part of racing: Winning your own race
Hardest part: Being away from home, and also racing when you know you're off the pace.
Worst moment in career: When I found out that prize money at World Cup races was awarded to the top 15 places, and I hadn't collected it all year.
Best moment in career: Winning the 2003 Junior European Championships.
General career goals: To be the fastest DH mountain biker.
Favourite food: Bacon Sarnie.
Favourite reading: Philip Pullman; His dark materials.
Favourite music: Dre, G-Unit, Oasis, AC/DC, Black Sabbath...
Best idea of having good time: Skate park on BMX with my mates.
Favourite place to travel to: Canada
Most respected mountain bike riders: Dan Atherton, Greg Minnaar.
Other most respected athletes: Kyle Bennett, and Ricky Carmichael because of the way he trains.
Favourite riding spots and courses: Local U.K. tracks, Whistler Mountain, and Utah.
Advice to beginners: Concentrate on riding well instead of trying to go fast.
Other sports: BMX
Other interests: Mini bikes, Motocross, BMX, Skiing.
If I was not a professional mountain biker ... I'd be gutted!
Training week: I don't have a set training plan, just always riding.
Training "secret": Ride only when you feel like it.

Year 2003 Highlights:

  • 2nd in Junior World Downhill Championships in Lugano, Switzerland.
  • Junior European Downhill Champion
  • Junior National Downhill Champion
  • Junior National 4X Champion
  • 1st in National BCF Rankings for Downhill Elite Men
  • 13th Overall in World Cup Downhill
  • 8th in World Cup 4X Round 1 in Fort William, Scotland
  • 8th in World Cup Downhill Round 5 in Kaprun, Austria.

    Objectives for 2004:

  • To finish top 10 overall in the World Cup Downhill and 4X Series.
  • To be the National elite men's downhill champion of Great Britain.


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    British National 4x Podium


    British National Champion